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Light color therapist, Geo biologist, humanist astrologer, accompanying deceased : Marie Grossiord

Wellness practitioner in Riols in the Hérault : Marie Grossiord

Welcome to my website

I propose my care at a distance, anywhere you are  and also in my clinic in Riols small village in Hérault south France 

Light color Therapy

The colorful vibrations of Light animate and feed the evolution of the living process of all the living beings.

The high frequency level of colors and light can touch the physical and subtle levels of the human body and all those living (human, animals, plants, minerals).

These are the vibrational frequencies of the color that heal and harmonize. They can move freely in all parts of the physical body, the energy body, the mental body, emotional body ...

The vibrational frequencies of Light give back to the body the strength to assume and transform the morbid logic to health force.

Remote Care

Rate : 70 euros at a distance, 80 euros in my clinic (payment by PAYPAL with my email address : grossiordmarie@gmail.com)

"Energy follows thought"

I use light colors also for this kind of treatmentremote care, regardless of distance, regardless of the problem:  emotional, mental or physical.

Light colors know no barrier. It passes through material objects regardless the distance

Humanist Astrology

With the traditional bases of astrology and the link between cosmic and psyche, it is possible to have a more global vision of the Human Being as expressed Dane Rudhyar "Father of humanistic astrology"

"Astrology should not address the need for security, but become a tool for understanding transformers events in human life." D.R

The humanist astrology provides support in our evolution, a better understanding of oneself, how to use the energies that circulate in us to better meet our responsibility to be.

The rate differs, please contact me for more information.

Accompanying Deceased

When a person dies, his soul is detached from his body envelope. It must reach the other side that could be called "the spirit world" and must not remain on Earth with the living.

Sometimes the soul remains "blocked" on Earth. Several reasons are possible. The most common is that the deceased did not understand he was dead. This is what can happen when death was sudden, unexpected.

The deceased can also be physically connected to the Earth. In general it remains tied to a place or an object. It can also stay with living persons (emotional attachment) or be blocked by strong feelings (guilt, grief, anger ...).

For that reason some deceased need help ....some of them are called ghosts.

Rate: 70 euros (payment by PAYPAL with my email address : grossiordmarie@gmail.com)


Harmonization of places to live or work: the golden ratio, volume of gold, sacred architecture.

I propose a study of your different places (home, working place, land,  etc..), identification of disturbed areas (magnetic, electric, energy, land-based, or deceased,  etc.)

I Then set up the necessary re-balancing with waveformscopper and Feng Shui tips.

For consultations, questions, studies of a place, home, land or working place, please contact by phone or mail.

An estimate will be made for all study places and for any work of harmonization. The work will start after acceptance and signature of the estimate.

Rate for estimate : 150 euros

An invoice will be delivered from the balances carried. Payments will be made for orders by PayPal or by check payable to Marie Grossiord.

The health care i propose can accompany any allopathic treatments but in no event be substituted by medical conventional treatment.

Thank you for your visit.

 1 descente de Theresia

34220 Riols